Nowadays, our beloved Iran needs more domestic production in order to solve the economic crisis. Therefore, in this regard, as well as maintaining and enhancing national production, employment and most importantly the resilient economy, we decided to work round the clock, relying on our technical ability and all our experienced colleagues in the wire and cable industry as well as to With the help of a well-equipped production line designed and commissioned to research and produce specific and functional products, it is hoped that we can make a major contribution to the economy of resistance and lean manufacturing.

سیم و کابل برق در کاشان

Isfahan Wire & Cable Company, as one of the pioneers in the field of wire and cable production in the city of Isfahan since 2000 in the field of wire, cable, telecommunication, coaxial and shield production, which started using these products during these years. Indigenous knowledge and technology has been able to achieve a desirable level of quality in the production of wire and cable products. This company, with the knowledge of experienced executives in the industry and the continuous efforts of its personnel, has been striving to produce all kinds of wires and cables and after a short time has been able to obtain valid certificates and a special position in the Iranian wire and cable market. Also considering the pivotal role of product quality, by purchasing advanced production line machinery, while benefiting from the latest technology and equipping its laboratory with advanced machinery, instrumentation and by implementing control and inspection system and Continuous training of personnel, in accordance with national and international standards, has sought to address this issue. Is. In this regard, in order to create more value for our customers, we consider two factors of quality and price in particular and oblige ourselves to adhere to the qualitative and technical principles as a distinctive feature. It should be noted that from the beginning of Isfahan Wire and Cable Company what was set as a goal and to this day has been firmly committed and adhered to it in all economic conditions, the production of wire and cable according to the standard and the best possible quality. have been. Finally, it has benefited from the requirements of the standard 60-607, 5-607, 6-607, 1-3569 and ISO 9001: 2015 standards to satisfy customer needs and satisfaction.
Product safety is another step that Isfahan Wire and Cable Management has taken to promote the company’s vision of achieving scientific standards, customer orientation and quality assurance in the wire and cable industry. Attracting and maintaining customer satisfaction and consistency of quality and price are among the principles we are proud of.

Quality Policy

Isfahan Wire & Cable Company, relying on God Almighty and using many years of experience of its managers and employees to produce different types of cables and wires, believes that the life of the company depends on quality promotion, customer satisfaction, development of quality culture and sales. Importance can only be achieved through continuous improvement at all levels of the organization and increased customer satisfaction. To achieve these goals, the company modeled on the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and stated its commitment to meet its requirements as follows:

Adhering to product-related standards and striving to improve product quality according to customer demand

Develop and upgrade staff knowledge and skills

Manage, develop and update processes and activities of the organization, creating conditions for sustainable growth

Increase staff and stakeholder satisfaction levels

Develop long-term, mid-term and short-term strategies by applying strategic management

Continuous efforts to improve manufacturing processes focusing on R&D, product quality improvement and commitment to customer satisfaction

Because achieving the above goals and principles requires a tireless intellectual and practical effort by all employees, officials and managers. Therefore, all goodwill partners are responsible for the accurate and effective implementation of this system and assist the organization. This policy expresses the specific commitment of the management of the company to the above-mentioned categories and is responsible for the implementation, implementation and maintenance of the system in question with the quality assurance manager.

سیم و کابل در خمینی شهر

After sales service is one of the most important criteria in competing in global markets. Therefore, Isfahan Wire & Cable Company offers support services and after sales services to create more value, increase customer satisfaction and enhance the quality of its products. It has made a complete and special face in that it has always been able to consolidate its position in the minds of its customers. Esfahan Wire & Cable Sales Service, as the next customer liaison unit, provides the opportunity to create a sense of customer connection with each customer and feel the respect they receive from the organization. His social needs are met. Isfahan Wire & Cable Company, Support and after sales service to customers all over Iran, Isfahan and all cities including: Mobarkeh, Zarrin Shahr, Shahreza, Yasuj, Najaf Abad, Samir, Khor, Natanz, Daizich, Khomeini Shahr , Qamsar, Dehaghan, Lordegan, Shahrekord, Farsan, Tiran, Falavarjan, Chadegan, Borujen, Fereydoon Shahr, Varzaneh, Dehaghan, Mahallat, Golpayegan, Oligodarz, Khansar, Kashan, Eran & Bidgol, Ardestan, Anarak, Zawareen, Boyne Provides Tiran & Kron, Abadeh, Yasuj, Saman, Foothills, Meymeh, Bahadoran Gardens, Dolatabad, Ardal and more.

Isfahan Wire & Cable Company, with advanced equipment, operates as a complete unit with advanced equipment and performs all required tests including control of raw materials, in-process products and final product in accordance with product standards and guidelines and procedures. Develops, executes, and executes a formulated implementation.

At Isfahan Wire & Cable Company, R&D unit professionally evaluates products to meet customers’ quality requirements and standard product requirements after receiving orders, product conditions, production stages, raw materials and production facilities. . Isfahan Wire & Cable Research and Development Unit, with the feasibility of product production and provision of production conditions, firstly test the production of such products and by qualitative, functional and compliance with standard product requirements to ensure quality product production. And it continues to pursue and research customer satisfaction. Isfahan Wire and Cable Company management has always been at the forefront of producing high quality and affordable product as well as providing satisfactory satisfaction and timely delivery of goods and services.

Isfahan Wire & Cable Company, as one of the activists in this field, seeks to expand and consolidate itself in all relevant markets and to achieve this it seeks to promote its products by utilizing new technologies. In the last two decades, it has spent considerable time and money on research and development (R&D) of new products and improving the quality of its current products. On the other hand, Isfahan Wire and Cable Technical Laboratory, as one of the most active laboratories in the country, has obtained valid certificates. Therefore, the products of this company are constantly tested in different laboratories and are ensured to comply with international standards.